With Lachlan due in court, Robert can’t wait to see justice served. If the guilty teen gets charged for shooting his grandfather, Lawrence, it will mean his brother Andy – who was framed for the crime by the White family to save Lachlan – will have his name cleared!

But Robert’s high hopes look set to be shattered when Rebecca demands he help her spring Lachlan out of jail – or else she’ll tell Robert’s fiance Aaron about their recent kiss… What will conflicted Robert do?

Since saving a young man from the Emmerdale car crash, which took his own father’s life, Finn’s been getting increasingly obsessed with Kasim and has been visiting the stranger in hospital way too much. He panics when he’s informed Kasim hasn’t fared well since he was bought out of coma. And things soon get worse…

Determined not to give up on Moira, Cain drops off a takeaway for his ex wife, and tucks a note into his delivery. But while Cain is waiting to hear back from Moira, Emma intercepts, chucks the note and pretends she got the food for Moira!