Lyn claims she stopped Paul and Rebecca’s wedding in order to protect Paul from being arrested for bigamy, but Rebecca struggles to believe her. Hurt and embarrassed that she just can’t manage to marry her man, Rebecca’s pushed to her limits when she finds Lyn tending to the roses at the Parker House, which used to belong to the Scully’s.

Their public spat ends in a scrag fight, with Rebecca’s wedding dress in tatters. The neighbours are shocked to see Lyn and Rebecca rolling around on the front lawn and Susan finds herself caught between two friends when Rebecca asks her to choose sides. Eager to put matters right, Paul demands a divorce from Lyn, but she wants money in exchange.

Callum orchestrates a meeting between Guide Dog Trainer Sonya and Toadie in a bid to improve Toadie’s romantic life. Aware of Callum’s plan, Toadie asks Sonya out on a date. When she declines on professional grounds, Toadie doesn’t know if it’s a sincere reason or a lame excuse.

However, he is further confused when she agrees to go on a bike ride. Later, a chance meeting suggests that Sonya and Lucas have a secret history, and that’s compounded when Lucas pretends not to know her in front of Toadie.