Rebecca doesn’t like Paul’s surprise

Michael goes to see Rebecca for advice about Tash. She assures him he is a good father and will work it out. When Rebecca sees Andrew, she asks him to go easy on Tash. Andrew is confused, but Rebecca assures him Tash will explain later. Michael and Rebecca agree to meet up in secret at lunchtime.

Declan walks in on Paul arranging something on the phone that concerns Rebecca. Later in Harold’s, Paul has a meeting with a mystery man and continues to make plans that he says Rebecca can’t know about. As Michael and Rebecca are about to meet, all becomes clear as Paul appears and tells Rebecca he wants them to renew their marriage vowels. Rebecca does not look pleased.

Declan begs her not to go ahead but she lies and says she wants to, knowing she has to, to prevent Paul from telling the cops it was Declan who pushed him. During the ceremony Declan arrives and tells his mum not to go ahead with it asks her to choose between him and Paul.

When Andrew goes round to see Tash, it’s clear he is trying to break up with her but Tash is too busy showing him the flyer she has designed for Robinson Entertainment. Andrew’s really impressed and chickens out of telling her.

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