Rebecca gives Andrew a chance

Rebecca finds herself fighting a chance with love when she is tempted by the handsome Andrew Simpson. When Miranda finds out she accuses her of sleeping with the enemy. But Rebecca stands her ground and proves that she is the only one in control of her life and takes a chance on love again.

Carmella receives a surprise invitation from Oliver via video for her and Chloe to join him in Portugal. She’s tempted, but she’s not sure she can take a chance on love again. Rebecca tells her to seize the day and take a risk, besides, shouldn’t she give Chloe the opportunity to have a relationship with her father? She later reveals she’s leaving for Lisbon in a week.

Bridget starts to feel overwhelmed by Steve, Miranda and Declan trying to control her life. Everyone wants a piece of her and she can’t stand the lack of freedom she is already feeling. Fed up, she decides to assert her independence again and grabs a backpack and heads for the open road.

Harold has disappeared on the day of his cancer treatment and Lou searches high and low to try and find him. When he has no success, he raises the alarm and tells the Parkers about Harold’s illness.

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