Rebecca gives Oliver an ultimatum

Oliver is upset when Rebecca walks out on him, and worries he’s left a particularly bad first impression. It’s left to Elle to comfort Oliver, and he decides to put Rebecca behind him. But to Oliver’s surprise, Rebecca has a change of heart and tells him they can get to know each other, but only on her terms. Either he agrees to meet her in secret or he’ll never see her again.

Although Ned and Mickey are delighted that Janae is staying in Erinsborough, Mickey is still determined not to go to school. Afraid of being bullied, Mickey looks for excuses to stay home and Ned relents. However, Ned realises he needs to be a stronger father figure to his son and insists Mickey goes to school. Meanwhile Janae confides in Steph that she is ready to take the next step with Ned, but she’s waiting for him to make the first move.

Confident Toadie insists the speech he has prepared for Steph’s campaign launch, will win the Erinsborough locals over. Although she has faith in Toadie’s abilities, Steph ends up veering from her script and speaks from the heart. But will this risky move win her votes – or a lawsuit?