Desperate to win Rebecca back, Paul’s willing to do what it takes, including cleaning the toilets in Charlie’s! However, when Rebecca witnesses a heated exchange between Paul and Diana, she has had enough and gives Paul an ultimatum; Rebecca or Lassiters.

Toadie and Sonya have prepared a birthday breakfast for Callum, who is still struggling to talk to Toadie. When he unwraps his TV, Callum tries not to show how pleased he is. However, when they mention the party, Callum tells them to stop pretending everything is OK when it’s not.

With Callum’s party turning into a street cricket match, Ben watches out the window, upset. Libby fails to win him round with the offer of chocolate and moans that they shouldn’t be the ones stuck inside while everyone else acts like nothing has happened. Susan tells her to be the bigger person and go out there and let Ben go to his friend’s party.

Callum is pleased to see Ben and the neighbours are delighted that Karl, Susan and Libby have joined them. However, when Sonya approaches Libby things get heated, and the girls end up rowing. However, Callum finally tells a relieved Toadie that he now understands why he lied and that Toadie and Sonya should be together again.

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