Rebecca has shock news for Paul

As Oliver’s bond with his birth mother Rebecca continues to grow, Elle does her best to support him. But she is concerned by the restraints Rebecca puts on her relationship with Oliver. Later, while lunching with Oliver and Elle, Rebecca is horrified to spot a photo of her old flame – Paul Robinson! Horrified, Rebecca arranges to meet Paul in secret to demand he forces Elle to stop seeing her son. And when Paul demands to know why, Rebecca reveals that Paul is Oliver’s dad.

Unable to face the horrific consequences of the accident he caused, Mickey runs away from home. And despite Ned and Steve’s efforts to track him down, Mickey eludes them by hiding out in an old warehouse. But things take a wrong turn when he’s discovered by an opportunistic street kid and ends up agreeing to take part in illegal activity rather than return to Ramsay Street to face the music.

Dismayed by the extent of Ringo’s injuries, Rachel helps organise a surprise birthday party for Karl to keep her mind off things. But Tom’s erratic behaviour looks set to ruin the bash, and things get worse when Karl is caught secretly recording Tom’s old family stories.

Also, Janae inadvertently reveals her true feelings for Ned to Miranda.