In light of his run-in with Steph, Rebecca challenges Declan to find a way to deal with his anger. Declan’s anger ignites during a confrontation with Zeke over moving out of Steph’s house – but this time he walks away. He’s upset that he can’t move on, but Rebecca admits she’s proud of him for not letting his rage destroy him.

Given a dressing down by her boss for attempting to protect Lucas, Elle blames him for nearly causing her to lose her job. Lucas’ loyalties are tested again when the West Waratah Star publishes a new story on the net, implicating the garage. Despite Elle’s pleas that he thinks again, Lucas staunchly supports Steph, arguing he’s made a lot of selfish decisions in his life, but this isn’t going to be one of them. With Lucas’ reputation and livelihood at stake, Elle takes matters into her own hands.

Despite her optimism that Dan’s counselling sessions will help with her grief, they only serve to remind Donna that she’s not coping properly. In an attempt to help her friends find ways to let go, Sunny arranges a candlelit vigil. Will this provide the breakthrough Donna’s looking for?

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