Paul has made it very clear which side he sits on and Declan feels he has no choice but to move out of the Robinson household. Once Declan has gone, Paul tells Andrew he knows that he stole Declan’s idea and, instead of telling him off, he pats him on the back for a job well done! Meanwhile, Rebecca is furious at Paul for forcing her son to move out, and lets him know that their relationship is on the line over this. Can Paul overcome his selfish ways to bring Declan back home? Or has Declan been hurt too many times to come back?

Harry plays on Summer’s affections when she feels sorry for him for being dumped by Renee. Andrew is shocked when he realises that he is losing Summer to Harry. So, later, when a client is rude to Summer, Andrew tries to impress her by standing up to the client. He sends an angry email in bold capital letters telling the client that Lassiters no longer wants to do business with him. Summer is suitably impressed, but when Andrew realises he accidentally sent the email to every single client of Lassiters, he knows he is in serious trouble.

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