Rebecca is quizzed by the police

Rebecca gets a visit from the police who are desperate to track down Paul. She does her best to throw Detective Skinner off the scent but has to agree to the phone at Charlie’s being tapped. When the moment of truth arrives, Rebecca saves Paul by hanging up before the call can be traced and she gets taken down to the police station for questioning.

Elle’s newspaper campaign to find Paul leads to the Ramsay children being hounded by the media. Elle’s confronted with how her need for revenge is hurting the Ramsay kids and she offers Katie fifteen thousand dollars for exclusivity to the Erinsborough News, but promises she won’t go to print. Can Katie put her trust in Elle?

Feeling let down by the adults in their lives, Declan and Bridget further their plan to move out. While Steve pledges his heartfelt support of Bridget, Declan realises that renting a place won’t be easy. But Declan’s spirits are lifted when he realises how devoted their friends are to them.

Sunny and Ringo plan to write another love letter for Ringo to give to Donna. But Zeke expresses his opposition strongly and is forced to admit he is jealous.

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