Rebecca learns of Declan’s double-life

Forced to choose between getting caught by the police or saving Mickey, Declan does the right thing and heroically rescues him. But dodgy Declan’s plan to hide Mickey at his house goes wrong when his mum Rebecca comes across his injured dog Jake. Rebecca calls a vet to sort out Jake’s cut paw and when Steve arrives, accompanied by Bridget, they instantly recognise the dog. Rebecca forces Declan to come clean and she’s stunned to learn of her son’s disturbing double-life.

Reunited with Mickey, a relieved but furious Ned angrily lays into Declan. Steve points out that, with Ringo’s life still hanging in the balance, he should be angry with Mickey, who will shoulder the blame, should Ringo die. Elsewhere, Janae realises that her and Ned’s relationship will have to take a back seat, with Ned needing to sort out Mickey’s issues.

The nervous wait for Oliver’s paternity result wreaks havoc on Elle and Oliver’s fragile relationship. Meanwhile, former flames Paul and Rebecca get closer as they reminisce about how they met and their first romantic weekend which Rebecca believes resulted in Oliver’s conception. Won over by her sincerity, Paul grimly accepts Oliver could be his son.