Rebecca learns the truth

Lyn confides in Susan about her depression and Paul’s infidelity. Susan is shocked and finds it very difficult to sit by and say nothing as Rebecca’s wedding plans continue. After much soul-searching, Susan’s loyalty to Rebecca wins out and she reveals the secret Paul and Elle worked so hard to keep.

News of Samantha’s apparent pregnancy spreads across Ramsay Street, leaving Dan stunned to hear about it from Libby rather than his wife. He confronts her, but Sam bravely sticks to her lie. Dan has his doubts about how quickly Sam fell pregnant but she reveals she went off her medication weeks ago, causing Dan to feel left out of her life.

But his pleasure at the news he is going to be a dad, soon wins through and he commits to supporting Samantha no matter what. However, after Karl’s doubts rattle Samantha, she confides the truth to Elle, maintaining that she is sure she really will fall pregnant soon and Dan will never know.

Feeling better after her chat with Susan, Lyn forms a bond with new mum Carmella. And learning about Lyn’s post-natal depression and subsequent shoplifting habit, strikes a chord with Carmella.

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