Rebecca orders Lyn to leave

Paul tells Rebecca that Lyn wants payment in exchange for a divorce and suggests that they just pay her so they can get on with their lives. However, Rebecca tells him she has a better idea and she pays Lyn a visit. Rebecca tells Lyn that she’s not getting a cent and that her and Paul are leaving for their honeymoon in the morning and when they return, she wants Lyn gone! When Lyn tells Steph that Rebecca threatened her, Steph sympathises with her mum and tells her she can stay as long as she wants!

Donna’s excited about organising the upcoming Debutante Ball and decides on a ‘green’ theme. Meanwhile, Sunny freaks out over the ball as she can’t dance, and lashes out at Donna. Sunny tries to put a stop to the Deb Ball by getting people to sign a petition, she even goes as far as calling Donna a fake and a show-off.

Kate can’t understand why Sunny is behaving in such a way and confronts her. Sunny finally reveals her problem to Kate and admits that she is jealous of Donna, and she feels so hopeless! However, when Sunny tries to apologise to Donna, Donna doesn’t accept her excuse and declares their friendship officially over!