Rebecca outs Robert’s double-crossing to stunned Chrissie and Lawrence!

Rebecca tells her family what Robert has been up to behind their backs when her son Seb goes missing

At Home Farm a storm is about to blow up.

When Rebecca discovers her baby son Seb has vanished, she assumes Robert has taken him. And with that, the worried mum who knows full well Robert is sabotaging the family business, decides her loved ones need to know too. It’s a jaw-dropping moment for Chrissie and Lawrence who have been slowly sucked in by Robert. Again. Later, with Seb having been returned to his mother’s arms, it’s time for Robert to face the music…

Bernice’s daughter Dee Dee is back in Emmerdale and the salon owner is on a mission to pretend she’s loaded. Will Bernice listen when Diane tells her to put a stop to the charade?

Having forgotten Brenda’s birthday, Bob reveals he’s taking her to see a Tom Jones tribute act to make it up to her.