Following her conversation with Toadie, Rebecca puts her plan into action, but it requires her keeping Paul sweet. She cooks a romantic meal and even wears the necklace Paul gave her, but it’s obvious she is struggling to be around him, When Paul questions if it is all real, Rebecca assures him it is and tells him that Lyn has helped her see things more clearly. Determined to convince Paul she is genuine, she even lets him keep their single beds together. When she receives a voicemail from Michael telling her he’ll wait as long as it takes because he loves her, she gets upset.

Donna is on a mission to inspire all of her friends into doing the things they really want, before heading off to America. Her attentions turn to Summer and Tash and she goes with Tash to see Andrew at hospital. When Andrew arrives home the next day, Donna notices there is something between Andrew and Summer. Alone, Donna quizzes Andrew and he admits that he is in love with Summer. Donna pays Tash a visit and tells her she needs to speak to Andrew because she has got it all wrong. When Tash goes round, all guns blazing, Andrew digs himself in deeper when he tells Tash he loves her.

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