Rebecca refuses to lie about Chrissie’s horror fall

Robert urges Rebecca to cover her tracks and lie about the fight that led to Chrissie's fall. But she won't...

*Second episode*

At Home Farm, there’s panic. Chrissie has fallen from a great height, following a fight with her sister, Rebecca. As an ambulance is called, Robert urges Rebecca to lie about what happened, but Rebecca wants to tell the truth about Chrissie’s plunge. Will she?

Having found out what Charity has been up to behind the scenes, to score much-needed business at the Woolpack, Frank has warned the landlady he’s on to her. Will he tell girlfriend Megan that Charity has been playing dirty? Or will his attraction to Charity – and the thrill of a scam – see Frank team up with the crafty pub landlady?

Elsewhere, David makes a discovery which puts him in a bad mood.