Rebecca takes a big risk

Having caught Declan and Michael fighting, Paul is thrilled and wants to know what it was about. Declan lies and says it was about the shed, throwing Paul off the scent. With Paul in bed, Rebecca asks Declan what it was really about.

Paul continues to blackmail Lyn over the fire, bringing her his dry cleaning and shopping list. Rebecca notices and tells Lyn enough is enough, and Lyn tells her everything about the fire. Rebecca promises to help Lyn and despite having plans for dinner with Paul later, Rebecca invites Lyn over.

When Lyn asks Paul to stop blackmailing her in front of Rebecca, Paul becomes suspicious and asks Rebecca what’s really going on. Cornered, she says it was Lyn’s idea.

Lou is looking for someone to help at the car yard and Kyle is the only one who has applied. He assures Lou he will work hard but he isn’t interested. With Callum and Sophie sick of helping Lou clean cars they enlist Kyle’s help, offering to help him get the job at the car yard in exchange for him washing half of the cars. When Kyle sells a car, Lou agrees to take him on, not knowing the girl buying the car was one of Kyle’s friends, doing him a favour.

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