Rebecca tells Paul how she feels

Rebecca is pleasantly surprised to see Paul when he turns up at the Parker house for a welcome home dinner for Declan. Her growing love for Paul is becoming obvious to Declan and the Parkers and Miranda pulls her aside to remind her of what sort of man Paul is. Rebecca finally digs deep and gives in to her feelings and tells Paul how she feels.

Steph is furious at Toadie when she discovers his play, The Girl Next Door, is being used for the Erinsborough School play. Libby tries to get Steph to see the positive side of the play and that there was a happy ending – they’re both still friends. Finally, Toadie forces her to confront the issue and her feelings when he writes a new ending for his play.

Elle admits to Lucas that she isn’t coping and is having a minor meltdown over her inability to help Declan when he needed it. She’s ashamed of her claustrophobia. When Lucas suggests a picnic where the lights are low, she doesn’t expect to be exploring her inner-most fears under number 24. When Lucas starts crawling around beneath the house, he discovers some lost treasure… an old locket. Meanwhile, Elle uncovers one of Lucas’s fears, spiders.

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