It’s the morning after the night before, and Ramsay Street is suffering the fallout from the party at the Scully house. Andrew does not believe that what he’s done is wrong, and, instead, goes around the street gloating, refusing to show any remorse. Rebecca, fed up with his behaviour, decides she needs to take control in order to put his unruly ways into order. But wild Andrew just isn’t going to listen. Exasperated, Rebecca decides she needs to take some stronger action, and so takes the tricky decision to call Andrew’s mother. But what will Rebecca discover?

While out for a meal with Libby, Steph feels her baby kick for the first time. But the moment has to remain a secret, and she feels unable to enjoy the magic of what’s just happened. Feeling guilty at constantly having to deny her pregnancy, Steph secretly goes shopping for some baby clothes. A proud Steph goes home to tell Toadie about the baby’s first kick, and show him what she’s bought, but he’s concerned. He thinks it’s too soon to be buying clothes, and although Steph says she’ll keep them hidden, Toadie doesn’t want anything to put their secret at risk.

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