Rebecca’s back – but it’s not Paul she wants to see!

Rebecca is back from her trip to Oakey with India and at the hospital she is worried when Paul mentions that Michael was caught in the fire. She goes to see him in his ward and tells him she’s sorry for going away and that she was thinking about him. Holding Michael’s hand, Rebecca is startled when Paul walks in.

Donna and Kate go to Jade’s yoga class in a bid to help Kate clear her mind over Mark and the three girls organise a night out later. When Sophie finally persuades Kate to put her feelings for Paul aside and visit Andrew at the hospital, Rebecca apologies that she has been dragged into the mess. When Mark arrives to speak to Rebecca, Kate knows he’s chosen the case over her.

Kate, Donna and Jade are enjoying some cocktails when they start playing a game of dare. When Donna fails her first task, Jade dares her to lift her top and flash the barman! When Donna is reluctant, Jade and Kate decide they’ll do it with her. And who should walk in just as they are baring all? Detective Brennan. Things get worse when Mark tells the girls there’s been an official complaint and they all have to go to the station with him.

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