Shocked and upset, Libby slowly staggers out of Charlie’s. Lyn runs out of Harold’s and sees Libby, her worst fears confirmed. Steph and Toadie chase after Libby and Steph grabs onto Libby’s arms and snaps her out of her trance, but Libby tells her not to speak to her. Lyn sizes up to Paul and gives him a brutal slap across the face, then goes to comfort her daughter. Rebecca can only look at her husband in shame and disgust.

Toadie finally comes clean to Callum who doesn’t take it well. Toadie is further worried when he realises that Libby thinks he’s an innocent party in all this, he’s determined to come clean. But how will Libby react when she realises she’s been betrayed by both of her best friends?

Confused and appalled by what Paul has done, Rebecca demands an explanation. But when he refuses to take responsibility for playing the tape, she takes matters into her own hands. Following a conversation with Diana, Rebecca discovers that Paul actually played the tape to get revenge on Toadie. When Paul returns home later that day he finds a packed suitcase. Assuming Rebecca is leaving him, he is stunned when she tells him that the clothes in the suitcase are his and she wants him out.