This is My Song – BBC1

This is My Song is a new two-parter that shows ordinary people recording a song with great meaning for them, helped by professionals in the music business

A new two-part series that celebrates the bonds between family and friends through music.

Everyday folk step into a state of the art recording studio to record a song with great meaning to them.

This is My Song - BBC1

Ronnie and Jordan in the recording studio

Some of the people taking to the microphone include 23-year-old Jordan and his granddad Ronnie, 72.

The pair love singing and want to record a song to celebrate their close relationship.

While 23-year-old Charles wants to sing after undergoing a double lung transplant, three sisters have a plan to surprise their dad on his 60th birthday.

The Niles Sisters: Sarah, Gemma, Jo make a dream come true

After playing guitar in a band Matt, 26, is building up the courage to stand centre stage and a trio of old band mates get back together for one last song.

Please note this programme airs in Wales at 9pm.

TV Times rating: ****