Recovering addict Rhona is framed!

Rhona's stalker makes it look as if the recovering addict has relapsed and is taking painkillers again.

Rhona’s got a stalker on her hands and things are about to spiral out of control. The vet – who is trying to keep it together in the wake of her wedding day rape – is freaked out when she comes downstairs to find empty pill packets lying around – and the front door open wide with her son Leo nowhere to be seen…

As the panicked single mum runs outside to look for Leo, Marlon and Paddy happen to be heading over. But when they see the vet, who is recovering from an addiction to painkillers, clutching the tablet packs, they presume she’s relapsed. Can Rhona convince them otherwise? And who is behind the incriminating set-up?

Having seen the horrible footage of Emma messing with Ashley’s mind to try to cover up the fact he saw her push James to his death, Arthur is not keen on being around the nurse. Will he tell Emma what he’s seen?

Faith makes Pollard jealous by using her charms on Rodney. And Debbie finds Ross with a semi-naked client!