Reenie returns to Hollyoaks!

Reenie returns to an empty McQueen house as Myra reveals to everyone at the hospital that she’s not going through with the operation, aware that it could leave her paralysed if she doesn’t. Mercedes and Celine are delighted to see Reenie when they get home, but Cleo keeps her distance.

At school, as Alfie frantically tries to clean the graffiti off Jade’s locker, Tom can tell Jade still likes him, so he breaks up with her, knowing she should be with Alfie. When he decides to stay with OB down south for the summer, Peri blames Jade for driving Tom away.

Scott is smitten after his night of passion with John Paul. James warns Peri that she could be in big trouble for vandalising Jade’s locker, unless she acts as a witness. Later, John Paul’s furious when he finds out that Sally WAS responsible for Myra’s fall.

Also, Marnie urges Freddie to talk to Diane… but Diane just steps up her game against Marnie.