Esther gives birth in the back of Trevor’s broken-down car with Sinead by her side, then loses consciousness. At the hospital, Trevor and Grace hold their baby for the first time. Kim continues to harass Grace, which Trevor witnesses. He tells Grace they are getting rid of Kim now, not knowing about Kim’s letter to her solicitor. Elsewhere, Esther tells Kim she can’t give up her son. Meanwhile, at The Dog, Reenie organises a pub quiz and is left in charge when Jack and Frankie rush to see Esther. They return to find The Dog in complete chaos!

After Dylan and Nico vandalise the new Loft, Trevor confronts Dylan about it and accidentally hits his son. Dylan pushes Nico away and promises to be the son Trevor wants him to be.

Also, Dr S’Avage is misreading the signs from Sienna. They have a drink at The Dog and Dr S’Avage is frustrated when Dirk joins them. Later, Dirk tells his brother that Sienna only feels sorry for him.