Cleo’s asked to go to the police station to be prepped for Pete’s trial, and she lies that she didn’t sleep with Pete until after she was 16. Celine tells Reenie she tried to kill Pete and, furious, Reenie decides to deal with Pete in her own way. Reenie meets Pete for a drink and tries to trick him into a confession. He’s onto her, though, and smashes the phone she was using to record him. Cleo’s waiting for Pete when he returns to the van. He plays the loving boyfriend and tells Cleo to go to court as planned, he’ll make sure he doesn’t get sent down…

Meanwhile, Myra and her baby are fine after the operation, but Myra’s furious that John Paul took Sally’s side over her’s and orders him to move out of the McQueens!

Nathan goes on a date with Holly, but the moment is ruined when he gets a call from Rachel’s parents about her gravestone. He prepares to tell them about Rachel’s affair when a guilty Ellie reveals that she and Marnie lied!

Also, Diane and Tony are stunned when they get a call about a job in France, while Marnie smirks – did she have something to do with it? Later, Mr Sheffield arrives at Tony’s flat to interview them and offers them both a job.