Reg Hollis gets stabbed playing the hero

Pc Reg Hollis is stabbed by a prowler while trying to help Shelley Cooper who’s just been attacked. When Sergeant Stone suspects Shelley’s neighbour, Michael Simms, a paranoid schizophrenic who held a woman at knifepoint four years prior, DI Neil Manson wants in on the case. Michael insists he didn’t attack Shelley.

Reg deals with another woman who’s been attacked by someone wearing a ski mask but, despite this latest development, Neil refuses to bring Michael in. As Neil learns that Shelley and Michael have been dating, Shelley’s ex Chris arrives at Sun Hill to tell Stone that Michael has kidnapped Shelley.

Neil soon discovers that Michael hasn’t been taking his medication and when the ski mask and knife are found in his home, Neil realises he has made a terrible mistake which leads to dramatic consequences…

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