It’s 2020 and giant fire-breathing dragons have devastated the world, leaving only a few pockets of human resistance such as Christian Bale’s Northumberland outpost.

It seems that the dragons are winning (‘Edinburgh’s gone! We haven’t heard from Pembury or Norwich in two years!’), but then along comes a gung-ho Matthew McConaughey’s band of American warriors and he has a plan – to down England’s only male dragon and stop the species breeding.

He reckons that although the beasts have great vision by night and day, ‘in the fading light they can’t focus’. So, along with Izabella Scorupco, they set off for what’s left of London to slay the beastie.

It’s a pity that this enjoyably outlandish yarn doesn’t fully depict the trashing of human civilisation and that the special effects are a little underwhelming, but it’s still blazing good fun.