Rejected by David, Amy seduces Cain

Amy thinks she has David hooked and she just has to reel him in. But he rejects her invitation to join her on a night out in town, so she goes on her own. Later, as Amy’s tipsily tottering back to Emmerdale through the country lanes, she’s nearly run over (accidentally) by Cain. She cheekily demands that he gives her a lift home then shows him how grateful she is. Cain! She’s 16 years old!

Adam is ready to reject Mia. He’s angry at Declan for using him to get Butlers Farm and he can’t see how he can continue to date Mia. Oooh, she’s not happy. Well, she’s used to putting blokes in their place, not the other way around…

Chas puts Alicia in her place – which won’t be behind the bar at The Woolpack for much longer if she doesn’t sort out her childcare arrangements. With no help available, Alicia has Jacob running around the pub, getting under the feet of the punters and being as mouthy as his mother. Leyla and David cancel their night out to take him home and Chas tells Alicia she’ll be cancelling her employment if she brings her son to work again.