After finding out that Paul Young has moved back to Wisteria Lane, none of the residents are too happy to see their old neighbour out of prison and renting Susan’s place. And he’s not happy that they didn’t seem to care a jot that he was innocently sent to jail.

Paul had his murder conviction quashed when his supposed victim was apprehended by police. While she’s now been jailed, she’s still convinced Paul killed her sister and vows revenge on him when he turns up to meet her behind bars…

The hospital mix-up saga continues when it turns out that Juanita isn’t Carlos and Gaby’s biological child. Carlos hears the news, then feels guilty by keeping it a secret from Gaby. But his wife is hiding something from him, too – Bree tells her that her son Andrew was the hit-and-run driver that killed Carlos’s beloved mum.

Lynette is pleased when old college pal Renee (played by Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams) comes to Fairview, but things turn a little tense when she seems to diss the stay-at-home mum’s lifestyle. After a big argument then a heart-to-heart, Lynette finds out that Renee’s husband, a top baseball star, has left her for a younger woman.

Meanwhile, Susan’s new landlady show her a naughty way to make ends meet. She ends up taking her clothes off to clean her new place, and soon after Bree signs her divorce papers, she casts her cougar eyes at her hunky young handyman.

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