Remembering Sam…

As a touching memorial service finally brings it home to the whole school that sassy Sambuca has died, Finn and Denzil are finding it especially hard to adjust to the loss.

Life goes on at Waterloo Road, however, and exam fever has struck. Vicki is more nervous than most – but not just for academic reasons. She’s just found out she’s pregnant, and dad-to-be Aiden’s idea of support is stealing an exam paper to give her a head start. Things get complicated further when the theft is discovered.

Not only is Rob stunned by his son’s news; he’s disgusted by Naomi’s casual attitude to the whole matter – so much so that he says he’s no longer interested in reviving their marriage. Naomi then shows her true colours by leaving town without even saying goodbye to her son.

The plot thickens further when Jess breaks it to Karen that Vicki isn’t the only one who’s pregnant by Aiden; she is too! Karen initially takes the news even worse than Jess had feared, although she later vows to stick by her daughter, regardless of the consequences for her own career.

Professional matters are made worse for Karen by the fact that Richard Whitman still seems to have a personal vendetta against her and a determination to see Waterloo Road shut down…