Jay Blades is back to help restore some much-loved items as a new series of The Repair Shop, airing every weekday afternoon, starts this week

Furniture restorer Jay Blades and his team of specialists and craftspeople are back for another series to breathe new life into precious but broken family heirlooms.

In this first episode, Albert and his daughter arrive in the old barn in West Sussex, aka The Repair Shop, with a very battered old transistor radio that conjures up a lot of happy memories of when he was courting his now late wife.

Also needing some tender loving care is a 55-year-old giant teddy bear.

Brought in by Stefan and his daughter Jessica, aged 10, the tatty old ted has been living in a bin bag in the garage for the last 15 years, but now Jessica is desperate to give Big Ted a new home. Soft toy supremos Amanda Middleditch and Julie Tatchell have a mammoth task ahead of them.

Finally, Nigel and Viv bring in a beautiful but broken skeleton clock that belonged to his grandfather, who won it in a race after he took up running to get over an injury he sustained in World War One.

Nigel is hoping to pass it on to his son, who has a similar injury to his great-grandfather and is hoping to compete in the Paralympics in 2020. Nigel sees the clock as a symbol of courage in the face of adversity that will inspire his son. Can clock restorer Steve Fletcher work his magic on the timepiece?

The Repair Shop

Nigel, clockmaker Steve Fletcher, Viv and host Jay Blades with the skeleton clock

Other priceless items brought in to the shop this week include a pocket-sized racing car, a leather rhinoceros and a vintage harmonium that once provided the soundtrack to many a good old East End knees-up.

Sweet, gentle, and surprisingly emotional.

TV Times rating: ****