There are smiles all round at the Barton farmhouse when farmer John and Moira tell Adam, Holly and Hannah that the divorce has been put on hold. Nothing’s definite, Mum and Dad tell their kids, but they are going to try to make their marriage work. Happy days! The kids decide that what their parents need is some time alone, so they pay for them to have a night at a hotel. Moira’s worried John will think it’s too much too soon, but he agrees to go with her. In fact, he’ll drive them there!

Mini-bus driver Ed is back – good-looking, rugby-player Ed. He turned up at the garage last week to have his bus repaired, but Aaron was too busy arguing with Adam to pay him any attention. This time, though, Aaron notices Ed and drops everything to fix his bus. Cain is not happy, but Aaron is – until Ed short-changes him! That’s a dangerous stunt to pull on a Dingle and now Aaron’s not happy…

Rhona’s not happy, either. Paddy’s away at a conference and Edna’s demanding veterinary expertise for Tootsie. But she wants Paddy’s expertise, not Rhona’s. Tough! Rhona’s the only vet available and, as it turns out, she’s the vet who correctly diagnoses Tootsie’s problem. Paddy has misdiagnosed Tootsie in the past!