Revenge! Will Phil Mitchell go after Luke to protect Ben?

Phil Mitchell finds out that Luke Browning beat up Ben and he is furious about it, vowing to protect his Ben and take revenge for his son.

Kathy gets freaked out when she sees Willmott Brown in the Square again. Realising he needs to be straight with his mum, Ian is about to break the news to her about who he’s selling the café to, when they receive some shock news about Ben. Finding out that Ben has been hospitalised after being beaten up, Kathy and Phil rush to his side. When Phil finds out that Luke is to blame, he is furious. Kathy tries to persuade Phil to cool down and not lash out at Luke. Back in the Square, however, Phil makes a call to Aidan…

Max is in a dangerous position now that the truth about his lies have been revealed, as well as his association with Willmott Brown. More secrets and lies look set to be revealed. Will Max be pushed away by everyone he knows?

Kim is secretly worried about the baby but she’s in denial and tries to convince herself that her pregnancy is progressing well. Worried that something isn’t right, Sonia convinces Kim to go to the doctor. Kim is devastated to discover that she’s had a miscarriage.