Rhiannon clashes with Matt

Distraught about the Department of Human Services showing up, Rhiannon takes her anger out on Matt. Mason confronts Matt but eventually believes he did not make the call. Rhiannon explains how she received a tip from a guest after sneaking him cakes and pastries and it was seen by Veronica. They head to Lassiters and learn Veronica was responsible. Rhiannon visits Matt to apologise. Matt accepts Rhiannon only took Paul’s job offer in order to make a better life for Jackson and there’s a reconciliation of sorts.

When Jackson gives Mason attitude at bedtime, Mason flounders and Karl is forced to step in and be the ‘parent’. Karl explains parenthood is often hard work and unrewarding. And confronted by the thought, Mason realises he is out of his depth and isn’t sure it’s what he really wants.

Kyle realises he’s lost Sheila’s ring. Alone, Kate finds the ring but it gets stuck when she tries it on. Kyle suspects Bossy swallowed it. After feeding Bossy steak and walking her without luck, Kyle admits the truth to Sheila. Kate overhears and comes clean. When Sheila admits the ring was her engagement ring, both Kyle and Kate are uncomfortable.

Sonya gets a response on her blog from Sleepless-in-erins, who is looking for advice. Sonya connects with the person but is concerned to learn Sleepless has no support network.