Rhiannon arrives back at the schoolhouse in the morning before school, alerting Maggie to the fact that she hasn’t slept in her bed all night. She confronts Rhiannon about where she’s been, and she explains that she was working and doing her job at the local takeaway with fellow pupil Naz.

Maggie, livid at her not coming home, heads to the restaurant to confront the owner – Naz’s father Usman. He and Maggie come to blows, resulting in Usman telling Maggie that she should let Rhiannon know she’s fired.

Meanwhile, Lorraine tells Michael that the school’s budget needs to be drastically cut. The catering contract is up for review, and alongside Maggie, some outside companies are pitching to Lorraine for the chance to supply Waterloo Road with its meals. While most people have convinced Maggie she’s certain to win it again, she’s not so sure.

At school, Rhiannon is out for revenge on Maggie. Knowing that her presentation to win the contract is coming up, she goes behind her back and steals a spreadsheet with all of Maggie’s figures on. She gives it to Naz, who then copies the information for his dad’s presentation. But it almost ruins both of their chances at a bid.

Meanwhile, Connor and Imogen are getting increasingly restless at not being able to spread their wings. Barry overhears Connor revealing that he hasn’t got any money, and decides to give him a car. But there’s always a catch with Barry, who tells Connor he will have to pay it back with plenty of interest.

Then, after a lot of discussion, Maggie and Usman agree to work together and they jointly win the contract.