Rhiannon outsmarts Paul

Paul invites Rhiannon out for lunch, and takes the liberty of booking a hotel room for them at Lassiters. But Rhiannon is prepared, and when Paul makes his intentions clear, she produces a set of handcuffs, cuffs him to the bed and leaves. An angry Paul is eventually freed by Mason.

Paul finds out about Mason’s criminal past and threatens to expose it if Mason doesn’t stay away from Kate. But as Mason wrestles with his conscience over the cost of keeping family secrets, he discovers Paul in a compromising position and makes Paul assure him he won’t reveal his secret. Mason, however, is still troubled by his past and chooses to tell Kate the truth.

Amber finds Cassie is continuing to use Twitter to bully her. At school, Kate gives Amber and Cassie yard duty as punishment, supplying them each with coloured caps for sun protection. Students start to pick sides, wearing coloured ribbons which match the cap of the girl they support… and unfortunately Cassie seems to have the bulk of the support.

Callum tries to protect Rani from the Twitter war and Rani gives him a “thank-you” kiss. Callum misinterprets this and asks Rani out on a date. Rani asks Bailey for his opinion and he encourages Rani to go on the date.