Matt learns Mason is taking boxes from the court house to Tim Collins’s place and that Paul wants his old conviction quashed. He confronts Paul who says he’s doing so in the interest of justice. Matt is determined to bring Paul down and at the same time free Mason from his influence. He realises the only person who can help him is Rhiannon.

Bailey still can’t understand how Callum got an ‘A’ and he got an ‘A-minus’ on their assignment. Meanwhile, Gem’s first day hits a hurdle when Kate discovers her screening Georgia’s music video to her Biology class. She finds herself before Susan who is less than impressed.

Bailey witnesses this and decides not to add to her problems by dobbing her in about the mark. Meanwhile, Gem accuses Kate of reporting her to Susan and Kate’s left rattled by Gem’s ugly side. Later, Susan privately fears she might have made a mistake giving Gem the job.

Imogen’s determined to help Brad by exposing Eric Edwards’s story as a fabrication. She Facebook stalks him and discovers Eric’s sister – Jacinta Edwards-Kirkaldie. She sees a photo of Eric at a ski resort and is convinced his injury was from a skiing accident. However, Brad insists she leaves the investigation work up to Toadie, but Imogen won’t be deterred.