Rhiannon wants more from Mason

Mason is sure he and Rhiannon are just having fun together and nothing more. However, Karl and Susan are working hard to encourage Rhiannon to make good on her promise to make Jackson her first priority. When Mason helps build a school project for Jackson and then shows him how to play cricket, Rhiannon starts to see him differently. Later, Rhiannon tells Mason she wants more than a casual fling. She wants him to be part of her family, and a father figure to her son. Things just got way more serious than Mason’s ready for.

When Amber reveals to Josh how inferior she feels around Imogen, Josh apologises, but almost tells her about his sister’s bulimia in the process. He backpedals but Amber is left concerned. In the lead up to the school election, Amber and Imogen make amends, and Amber references what Joshua said.

Imogen’s thrown and quickly shuts it down. After winning the election, Imogen’s pleased, but later warns Josh to keep his mouth shut.

Bailey forces Gem to put back the votes and make the election fair. Gem does, but remains worried that Bailey will tell Susan. To stop this happening, Gem subtly manipulates Bailey, reeling him in as a firm ally.