Rhiannon’s makeover impresses Paul

When Paul upsets Rhiannon by suggesting she’s too low-rent for him, Sheila gives her some tough love. An impromptu makeover has immediate results, with Paul halfway though hitting on a sophisticated woman at the bar before he realises it is actually Rhiannon.

Hurting too much to tell Sonya about Steph’s claim he’s responsible for her prison sentence, Toadie feels the pressure of Sonya’s hopes that he’ll go into private practice with Ajay. But when he tells Ajay the truth, Ajay suggests the best way to overcome his guilt might be to keep helping people who really need him. Toadie agrees to the partnership.

Mason and Kate’s flirtation hits a bump when he catches her topless while sunbathing. Mason tries to patch things up by orchestrating for Kate to catch him naked, but the plan goes awry when it’s Sheila rather than Kate he exposes himself to. The plan still works, with Kate sufficiently amused, but it comes at a greater cost to Mason’s pride.

After finding drugs in her bag, Toadie suggests Georgia take some time out as Nell’s babysitter. But when Kate urges Georgia not give up, Georgia starts by apologising to Karl for her harsh words when she was sent on leave from the hospital.