Rhona and Paddy say their goodbyes

The moment Rhona and Paddy have been talking about is upon them. With their marriage in pieces following Paddy’s affair with Tess, it’s time to try to make a fresh start. They’ve secured a jobshare in Hamburg for six months and the vets are hoping a break from village life, which is riddled with painful memories, will help repair the damage.

Their best friends Marlon and Vanessa are stunned when the couple announce they’re leaving with Leo… today. But as Marlon gives Paddy a hug, the vet knows his mate is giving him his blessing. So, with their bags loaded into the car, it’s time to say goodbye. Well, it would be, if it wasn’t for Tess’s widowed husband Pierce…

Elsewhere, with Gordon having been found guilty, Aaron and Liv have some talking to do.

There’s good news for Emma who learns her son, Pete, is due for release from prison in two weeks’ time. She’s then devastated to hear he has no desire to return home to Emmerdale.

Zak’s new fiancee is landed in it by Belle, who informs her dad Joanie has lost her engagement ring.