Rhona and Pierce seal it with a kiss?

Since he arrived in Emmerdale to find out more about the hit and run which killed his wife, Pierce has been staying at Rhona’s. And, as time has passed, the pair have become very comfortable in each other’s company. Having found a flat to move in to, Pierce jokes that Rhona is loath for him to leave her place when she’s quick to find fault in the place. As the chemistry builds between the two, there’s almost a kiss…

Vanessa, meanwhile, is growing increasingly suspicious of Pierce’s motives and is convinced he has a vendetta. And it looks like she might be right…

Jacob’s got the day off to accompany David hospital for chemotherapy. He’s determined to help David through it, as is fellow cancer patient Dylan, who makes light of the stressful situation.

Aaron’s gobsmacked when he finds out Chas is the executor of his dad’s will. He’s adamant he doesn’t want any of the money Gordon has left him and his sister – and Liv feels the same. Robert, however, has other ideas.

Ashley heads off to discuss his idea to rename the village hall after Edna in tribute to her memory.