So the adoption’s fallen apart and Rhona needs to make a decision about where her life is headed. After chatting to Vanessa, who advises her to leave Paddy if she can’t see a way back from his betrayal, Rhona meets up with her love cheat husband. Paddy’s adamant he’ll do anything to save their marriage – but will he agree to move to Germany with Rhona?

Moira’s estranged daughter is back and Cain is secretly suspicious that there’s more to Holly’s return than meets the eye. And it seems the bad feeling is mutual. In the pub with her brother, Adam, Holly brings up Cain and tells her brother she’s not so sure about their mum’s bloke. Taking a phone call, Holly slips out and tells the caller they’ll get their money soon. It looks like Cain was right!

At the churchyard, a crane has Val’s huge headstone dangling from it and the driver is keen to finish the job. But Pollard has vanished and David’s forced to take drastic action to make sure his dad doesn’t miss the moment.