Poor Marlon is in for the ‘It’s not you it’s me’ speech, delivered by Rhona, the woman he thought would be hanging her nightie on the washing line next to his PJs for a long, long time. Rhona’s fallen for Paddy and has decided it’s time to stop lying to Marlon and to herself. Except she’s not 100 per cent truthful when she tells Marlon they’re through as she says nothing about Paddy. But Marlon’s not as silly as he looks – and Paddy’s no good at lying; those chubby cheeks go bright red whenever he tries it.

Life isn’t grand at Home Farm, either, but Maisie decides to make the best of a sad, bad situation and return to work. Following his big sister’s lead, Will goes back to school. That just leaves nasty Nathan – and we all know where people want him to go. But Nathan has his own plans.

Talking of Nathan, Val tells Pollard she thinks they have rats at the B&B, but what they really have is runaway Amy living in the cellar – and the bad lass quite likes the idea of spooking Val.

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