Rhona faces the police (VIDEO)

The police are questioning Rhona… This can’t be good – and it’s not. Rhona’s desperate need for a fix put Laurel and Leo in danger from a carjacker! She got Laurel to drive her from chemist to chemist while she supposedly hunted for some teething gel for Leo. Except what Rhona was really after was painkillers – because her online order didn’t arrive. And while she was in a chemist, Laurel and Leo were carjacked! They got away, but now Rhona has to talk to the police. What’s she going to say? ‘Well, Officer, it’s like this… I’m addicted to painkillers and needed some pills and Laurel and Leo were waiting for me when they got carjacked.’ No, she’s not going to say that. It’s storytime with Rhona again.

It’s weird o’clock with creepy Steve… He goes to see Nicola because he has something to say – and none of it is good. Basically, he wants his money back – the money he gave her for Angelica’s private school fees – or she has to tell Jimmy about their financial arrangement. Jimmy, you see, thinks Angelica won a scholarship because Nicola told him she did. Who knows what he’ll think when he hears the truth.

Cameron hears Charity talking to Debbie, saying she wants Debbie back to normal. Charity has no idea of the storm that’s coming their way.