Things get worse for Rhona as Paddy tells Marlon and Laurel about her shock attack. Concerned, they decide they’ll look after Leo for now. Meanwhile, Vanessa senses that Rhona’s having second thoughts about their ‘relationship’, leaving the drug addicted vet no other option than to prove her devotion with a kiss.

A loved up Cameron and Debbie swan home and tough out the attitude in the Woolpack. The Home Farm saga is the talk of the pub, even more so when the police turn up and tell Declan they’ve identified the body, showing him a photo of Alex! Overhearing the conversation, the smile is wiped off serial killer Cameron’s face, who pretends to to take a call and exits the pub. Outside, he’s overwhelmed with panic.

As the festival site is dug up for evidence, Declan’s festival is well and truly over. With money troubles mounting as a result, Declan needs an investor and turns to Jai for help.