So, Rhona wants Paddy to be there more for her. And when he is, early in the morning, with a cup of tea, he finds Marlon sleeping next to her! Oh, it’s all innocent enough but, still, it’s not what Paddy wants to see. Realising that, Marlon makes himself scarce, but that’s not enough to stop Rhona and Paddy rowing – again. And Marlon hasn’t got out of the way quick enough to prevent Rhona taking drastic action. She’s had enough of all the tension so she’s going to her mum’s – and she won’t tell Paddy when she’s coming back.

Adam makes a decision that shocks Mia: he dumps her! She’s stunned; she thought they were love’s young dream. She doesn’t know about the nightmare Adam’s created by sleeping with her mother. Talking of Ella, she offers Mia words of comfort, but Declan wants to know exactly why Adam doesn’t want his daughter.

Aaron wanted Jackson for ever, but now he’s choosing a photograph for Jackson’s funeral and preparing to face the police, who have questions about Jackson’s death. Chas tries to take his mind off things with a takeaway and her company… and Nikhil’s. Yeah. Nikhil’s not really the man Aaron needs in his corner but nice try, Mum.