The look of love: Rhona hopes Paddy can read between the lines

Rhona's fallen back in love with Paddy but unable to tell him, she hints at it instead

The nativity at Leo’s school is looming and Paddy and Chas, who are now dating, are set to play Joseph and Mary. Rhona’s well jealous about it. Taking the opportunity to run Paddy’s lines with him, Rhona heavily hints that she’s fallen in love with him again. Will the vet pick up on her vibe?

At Butlers’, Moira’s still in the middle of a motherhood nightmare. She just can’t get to grips with her baby – but refuses help from Victoria and Adam, which leaves the couple baffled.

Pollard tries to right his wrong by hatching a plan to break into Morris’ house to get hold of some compromising paperwork about the council’s plan to lay a new road in the village. Faith comes along for the ride. Will she find out Pollard’s stabbed her family in the back?

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