Rhona makes a confession to Paddy!

*Episode Two*

What Rhona desperately wants is some pills – and what Rhona desperately doesn’t want is to have to confess her pill-popping problem to Paddy. But her unsociable, unreasonable behaviour on Leo’s birthday has alerted Paddy to the fact that something is wrong with his wife. Vanessa has insisted that Rhona tells Paddy the truth, or else… Rhona’s scared of the ‘or else’ so she confesses to Paddy…that she has a drinking problem. Yeah…she can’t always get a drink of water to wash down the pills she’s popping and has nearly choked a couple of times! But Rhona tells Paddy her problem is alcohol and tips a bottle of wine away to make him think she’s dealing with it…And he believes her.

Debbie believes a member of her own family reported her to Social Services and she wants to know who it is. So while the kiddies party for Sarah’s birthday, the grown-ups find themselves being interrogated by a furious Debbie. Debbie gets no answers at the party, but when she gets home, though, that Debbie finds out who reported her and she’s stunned.

Alicia’s stunned when Gemma shows her true colours and drops her right in it with Dom. One minute Gemma’s showing Alicia through a photo album, then Dom walks in and Gemma bursts into tears, claiming Alicia wanted to see photos of Dom’s ex, who walked out on him and their daughter. Oooooooooh!