In turmoil about her life, which appears to be falling apart in the wake of Paddy’s affair with Tess, Rhona turns to Marlon. Deep in conversation, the vet tells Marlon she thinks letting him go might turn out to be the biggest mistake of her life! As she goes in for a kiss, how will Marlon respond?

At Home Farm, Lawrence is stunned to learn it was Chrissie who has been secretly filming his wife Bernice, not Lachlan. Thinking Bernice has been betraying her father, Chrissie is put in her place when Lawrence explains they have an open marriage. When he tells Chrissie he had the same arrangement with her mother, Chrissie wonders if Lawrence is gay and starts to doubt he’s her biological father! Andy learns his job at Home Farm was part of Chrissie’s honey trap and quits.

Chas doesn’t know which way to turn when Robert urges her not to tell Aaron he paid Ryan to speak out against his former neighbour Gordon and claim he was abused by him too. The decision is taken out of her hands, however, when DS Wise tells them then can now charge Gordon, and Aaron resolves to push on with his case against his abusive father.